Ben Bocko

Actor | Director | Cinematographer

SAG-AFTRA Eligible


Ben will be performing in the 2019 HB Rehearsal Space Residency "Memory Home" written by Zoe Lasden-Lyman and directed by Allison Plamondon. Performances are at HB Studio on May 11th & 12th at 8pm. 
Tickets & info here!

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Ben Bocko is driven forward by his deep respect for the Arts and his desire to tell impactful stories that both enlighten and entertain. His work in Theatre, Film and Education has brought him across the country and overseas, and has allowed him to connect with some amazing people and organizations.

"Ben is a talented intuitive actor; he is alive in both voice and body and keeps an open mind and heart during rehearsals and performances. He is kind and patient [and] works diligently when he joins a cast." 
– Anne Pluto PhD 

"Working with him was working with a professional. He was responsible and dependable, an asset to the production. He respected artistic boundaries and gave insightful feedback." 
– Terry M. Chance PhD

No matter what, in any work or creative environment, Ben's goal is to always create a fun, productive, and inspiring experience for himself and the people around him.


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